Poultry egg production and utilization among women participating in the Nutrition Links Project in a rural district of Ghana

This event is part of the Webinar Series “Agriculture-Nutrition-Health linkages: Research in the African context” jointly designed by ANH Academy and African Nutrition Society to serve as a platform for learning and sharing amongst early career researchers.

ICTs for Nutrition, Agriculture, and Time Use: Can we do better than 24-hour recall?

In our latest blog post, Andrea Spray provides an update from her IMMANA-funded project Using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to understand the relationships between labour-saving agricultural innovations, women’s time use and maternal and child nutrition outcomes.

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Energy Count(s): Use of physical activity trackers to capture energy expenditure in agricultural and rural livelihoods

In this blog post, IMMANA Grantee Dr. Giacomo Zanello from University of Reading describes the use of activity trackers to measure energy expenditure in agricultural and rural livelihoods.