Mental Health Working Group (MHWG)

Welcome to the homepage of the new ANH Academy Technical Working Group on Mental Health.
In the coming months, we will populate this page with updates and useful resources.


The ANH Academy Technical Working Group on mental health is a group of interdisciplinary experts from across the world aiming to advance knowledge and research practice for mental health in relationship to agriculture, food and nutrition security (FNS) in low and middle-income countries and to systematise and improve tools, metrics and methods in this intersection. Its landscape mapping and synthesis work will focus on three objectives:

  1. Assess the state of knowledge on mental health as it relates to FNS
  2. Prioritise key gaps and questions that need to be filled or answered in order to effectively aid research in this nexus; and
  3. Develop guidance and resources on best practice and consolidated approaches for measurement and methodology of linkages between mental health and FNS.


  • Co-chairs:
    • Bryan Cheng, Research Fellow, Global Mental Health Lab, Columbia University Teachers College
    • Thalia Sparling, Research Fellow, IMMANA Programme, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
  • ANH research and communications team:
    • Suneetha Kadiyala, Principal Investigator, IMMANA Programme and Associate Professor, LSHTM
    • Megan Deeney, Research Assistant, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
    • Sylvia Levy, Communications Officer, ANH Academy, IMMANA Programme, LSHTM
  • Core members:
    • Erin Pfeiffer, Senior Technical Advisor and lead of the Care Givers Mental Health Network, Food for the Hungry
    • Florence Amadi, Senior Technical Advisor for Global Health and Nutrition, Food for the Hungry
    • Khadija Mitu, Associate Professor, University of Chittagong
    • Ricardo Araya Baltra, Professor, Centre for Global Mental Health, King’s College London
    • Nadine Seward, Lecturer, Centre for Implementation Science, King’s College London
    • Lena Verdeli, Associate Professor, Columbia University Teachers College
    • Herbert Ainamani, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Kabale University
    • Marianne Santoso, IMMANA Research Fellow, Northwestern University

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