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Grace Ettyang

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Prof Grace Keverenge-Ettyang

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Moi University

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Associate Professor

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academia and research, communication and behaviour and social change, Community Engagement, Community nutrition, Education, Food policy, Food Security, Gender, Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, public health, Public health and nutrition, Public Health Epidemiology

Disciplinary Expertise

Academic Support, Biostatistics, Communication, Dietary Assessment, Education, Epidemiology, food and nutrition, food insecurity and undernourishment, Food policy, Food Security, Nutrition, one health, Physical activity promotion, Public health

Area of interest

Consumption, Food, Food safety, Food security, Gender dynamics, Governance and policy, Resilience, Safety nets and vulnerability, Diet quality, Health, Maternal and child health, One Health, Climate change, Sustainability, Sustainable diets, Water and sanitation



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